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Thank you for visiting our website vom Stolzenfurst Kennels (Proud Ruler) you source for the finest German Breed Rottweiler’s. Please feel free to contact us in the event you are looking for a Show, Working of Pet puppy. Deborah Khan has been successfully breeding the finest German Rottweiler’s since 1996! Located in the Outer Banks of NC.

Did You Know?

Treadmills for dogs?! Treadmills are a great way for Rottweilers to drain loads of excess energy when you are busy, tired or unfavorable weather

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Rottweb is a not-for- profit Magazine and all revenues from advertising go directly to those involved in maintaining the site ( to note: a labor of love for those involved ) We thank you for your support of this effort. Rottweb was not just created for the fortunate “pretty” dogs and we would like to make you aware of the tragic circumstances of the hundreds and thousands of our rotts, of the kinds of things that happen to our beloved puppies when they are bred by the ignorant, uneducated and in many cases unscrupulous breeders.